Elephant Steps

A Fearful Radio Show

Track listing:

A1 Elephant Drone; Elephants 3:01
A2 Elephant Heartbeats 2:03
A3 Don’t You Believe; My Ears 2:21
A4 All Shook Up 2:13
A5 Read My Palms; My Hands Are Inside The Wall; Gavotte 3:52
B1 Gypsy Tango; Shoot Them 3:31
B2 You’re On The Radio; Radio Waves 3:37
B3 Read My Palm; Watch Me Move; I’m No Closer; Look At My Hands 6:35
B4 Stop Seeing Reinhardt 5:21
C1 Entr’acte; Watch Me Put My Right Foot 5:27
C2 I Am No Longer Beautiful; Beautiful As Is; We Sit In The Window 5:52
C3 One And Two! 3:03
C4 Dreaming Of Reinhardt 1:04
D1 Midnight Sun 4:05
D2 Photograph Song 2:34
D3 Madrigal 2:50
D4 Veaudeville Chase; Stirring Soup; A Strange Thing 4:36
D5 Finale 4:35

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