Mahavishnu Orchestra: Apocalypse

London Symphony Orchestra

Apocalypse is the Mahavishnu Orchestra's fourth album, released in 1974.

It is performed by the second line-up of the Mahavishnu Orchestra as well as the London Symphony Orchestra. It was produced by George Martin, who regards it as “one of the best records [he has] ever made”.

The back cover features a poem by Sri Chinmoy as well as a group photo of those who created the album.

All music composed by John McLaughlin; Lyrics to “Smile of the Beyond” composed by “Mahalakshmi” Eve McLaughlin.

Track listing:

Side One
1. “Power of Love” 4:36
2. “Vision is a Naked Sword” 14:16
3. “Smile of the Beyond” 7:56


Side Two
1. “Wings of Karma” 6:12
2. “Hymn to Him” 19:23

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