Music of Villa-Lobos

New World Symphony

This is a really fine record, particularly as it does not include the ubiquitous Bachiana Brasileira No. 2, which will be the only exposure that many people have to these extraordinary "fusion" pieces in which the composer marries forms of Brazilian folk music with those of the J.S. Bach. Of course, No. 5 is even more famous than No. 2, but it's a vocal work in two movements scored for soprano and eight cellos. The first movement is well known, but the second--a zippy little dance--is often omitted, making hash of the composer's intentions. All of this music is well worth knowing, especially in performances as vital and characterful as these. Super.

- David Hurwitz

The pieces chosen for this CD represent Villa-Lobos’ finest orchestral music. The fourth Bachianas Brasileiras was written in 1930 for solo piano, and only orchestrated ten years later. The formal, Baroque nature of the first movement “Prelude” is more apparent in the piano version.

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